Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Tailor-Made Vocation

By Rima Parker

Matthew Marakunyo is 19 years old and not able to hear any of the things that we take for granted, as he is deaf. Matthew is a student at the Ibadan School for the Deaf, which he began attending 11 years ago.
Since Matthew’s father is a tailor, Matthew had learned the basics of sewing when he was 12 years old. For the past two years, Matthew has been a part of our Family Care course at his school, where he receives free vocational training as a tailor. He has learned how to make clothes for himself, as well as children's clothes which are distributed to families in the local area.

Why children’s clothes?

Since 1999, Family Care Association Nigeria has conducted Vocational Training Courses training handicapped youngsters for future roles. The goal is to help these kids become self-sufficient, and recognized as valued members of society. And the same principle applies to their institutions as well. Instead of gathering an increasingly-greater number of needy institutions and orphanages under our wing that become reliant on our continued assistance each month, our efforts are focused on enabling each of the centers to become self sufficient.

Matthew’s tailoring course allows him to make his own clothes as well as provide clothing that is marketed in the area.

Matthew’s goals are to learn as much as he can about tailoring and then to attend university.

Rima Parker is a Project Manager of Family Care Association Nigeria, a FCF Project in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A girl was sitting near a tree an she was crying. Breck was the guy who was  walking and he saw her and walked up to her and ask her what was wrong. Cash her best friend had just past in a car crash and they had been friends for a long time. Dave her other friend who was ridding with her was in really bad condition. Even thow their was no drugs or drinking involed they had just came from a movie and  they were driving down the highway and a car came speeding down the the road and the driver was drunk in hit them head on. Fast but not safe he didn't even have his seat belt on. Giving the chance to tell the truth that he had to much to drink  he still chose not tell the truth to the cops. Having the last time to talk to his mom and dad before he would go to jail he was sad and he had wish he would never drank and drive agin. Is it really his fault that he had left the party trying to get home.